In order to cope with the changing times of information socialization and economic globalization, LAU strives to cultivate a group of outstanding talents who can keep up with the international standards and promote the development of enterprises. They come from all corners of the world, but they have a common goal and ideal, they are passionate and courageous to challenge themselves, they ride the wind and waves, help enterprises glory forward. At the same time, LAU through a systematic, process-oriented system to assess, develop and retain high-potential personnel within the organization, actively create an internal talent pool, to provide a solid talent guarantee for the implementation of the vision and strategy of the enterprise.


In 2006 Jiaxing Lau Electronics Co., Ltd prepare to open


In 2007 Jiaxing Lau Electronics Co., Ltd was founded.


In 2009 Jiaxing Lau Electronics Co., Ltd was moved to Chuangda Building


In 2012 Jiangsu branch completed its early construction and put it into operation.


In 2018 Lau Electronics moved to a new plant in You Che Gang Town

    Although we are alive for many industries, but we have been very professional, although the most important is not us, but we have been silent existence, although the role is not us, but we have been connected to them, although we are often very low-key, but we have been closely connected.

    Quality Policy: Quality First, Service Best, Quality Target: 0% Defection

    We own a strong R&D team with different specialities. We respect knowledge and staffs and always provide the chances of learning & training.

    We are entering into Top tier level in next 5years

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